A marketplace for Social Impact

Common Good Marketplace is an exchange for impact assets, where suppliers and buyers transparently create, verify and trade impact that advances the Sustainable Development Goals.


Social Impact, positive or negative, is undervalued and often unaccounted for.

A study of 1,800 companies found that when environmental and social impact was economically valued, the true value of a firm and its profit (EBITDA) was grossly mischaracterized1.

The vast majority of social impacts, even when accurately characterized and quantified, remain significantly undervalued by investors, development institutions, and foundations, while being completely unrecognized by commercial markets.

1How to Measure a Company’s Real Impact, Sir Ronald Cohen and George Serafeim, September 3, 2020.

Social impact is an asset that can be valued and traded without scaling mountains.

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Here’s How

Use the $277 billion carbon markets as a model and turn proven social impacts—like poverty reduction, access to clean water, gender equality or education—into transferable assets with clear social value.
how it works


Impact is quantified in SDGs, economically valued and verified
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Impact is certified as a securely Issued digital asset


Impact Assets are transparently traded in the marketplace
Common Good Marketplace Platform. Marketplace for social impact

Our platform allows for the development of independently verified and certified impact outcomes that advance the 

Why would corporates, investors and philanthropists buy SDG-based Impact “Assets”?

Drive Efficiency and Performance

Creates a clear, efficient and measurable path to increased sustainability performance, and solves what nearly half of sustainable investment managers explained as the problem for why they haven’t taken more direct action in seeking to achieve better sustainability performance: “[because] investment in the SDGs is too difficult to measure.”2

Direct Capital to Impact Outcomes

Directs capital to verified outcomes rather than continuing to fund inputs and disrupts, in a positive way, how we have been seeking to create lasting impact. This creates a new relationship between investors and investees that provides a framework for measuring, verifying and funding outcomes.

Accelerate the SDGs

Accelerates our ability to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The guesswork, SDG-mapping and beautification of impact reports is replaced with clear, demonstrated impacts, which is good for business, people and the planet, and could create 380 million new jobs and $12 trillion of value each year.3

2The $50 Trillion Question Report by Standard Chartered interviewed the world’s top 300 investment firms with $50 trillion of AUM in August and July of 2020 on why the SDGs are not receiving investment needed to achieve the 2030 targets.
3Better Business, Better World report by the Business & Sustainable Development Commission.