Do more with the good you’re already doing

Dramatically improve the way tou identify, evaluate, measure, and verify the impact of your CSR and sustainability programs.

Capture unrecognized value

Identify, quantify, and verify unrecognized value from your CSR and sustainability programs - transitioning from dollars donated to social return of investment (SROI) achieved

Improve efficiency and efficacy

With new insights on your CSR and sustainability programs, improve the efficiency of your programs and ensure that every dollar achieves maximum impact.

Verify and report your unique impact.

Take the guesswork out of whether or not you`ve really made an impact with accredited, independent, third party verification of your direct contribution to the UN`s Sustainable Development Goals and achievement of your sustainability objectives.

From this
12,000 students participating
100 teacher trainings conducted
200 Ipads in classrooms
To utter clarity on impact achieved.
Increased enrollment and completion in formal education of 12,000 students.
Equivalent of additional education through higher teacher qualification/quality.
Increased student literacy and mathematics proficiency.
Directly advancing Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education, specifically SDG Indicator 4.1.2.
$ 7.5m
Of total verified social value in 2022
from improved learning outcomes.

With CGM’s Accel Impact SolutionTM

You can gain valuable insights into your programs, increase your organizations’ sustainability performance and confidently report the unique impact you’re having in the world.

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