We deliver real results.

Leveraging best practices in impact measurement and management, social impact bonds, impact verification and carbon markets, CGM delivers verified social and environmental impact.  

We connect the world’s leading change makers.

Common Good Marketplace connects Suppliers (high impact projects), Buyers (funders of impact) and Auditors (verifiers of impact) to create, verify and fund real impact results.

We measure real impact.

We employ a proprietary Technical Framework that borrows the best from social impact bonds, the carbon markets, and the best principles from Impact Measurement and Management frameworks to confidently measure the inputs, activities and outputs that lead to outcomes–real changes in a person’s life.

We value impact.

Without valuing impact, the comparison of different projects, geographies and models is challenging and incomplete. That’s why we employ credible research to value impact and validate it with the very people who experience it. It's a top down, bottom up approach that delivers credibility through listening to what matters most to stakeholders.

We verify impact.

Proof that impact is achieved is critical for our Funders and high impact projects so that we can stand behind the results of our work and they can stand behind the results of theirs. That’s why we’ve sourced the most capable independent Impact Auditors from around the world who offer high-quality verification services that deliver confidence in the impact achieved.

We certify and deliver results

We believe everyone benefits when real outcomes are measured, valued, and verified. We designed Verified Impact AssetsTM–proven, packaged impact in the form of a secure, digital blockchain token–to give suppliers and buyers of impact total clarity of the real impacts of their investments. We then record delivered and funded results through a public, permanent digital anchor-point on blockchain. 

We advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

Verified Impact Assets™ align to and advance Sustainable Development Goals such as increased access to essential health services for those most in need, increased proficiency in reading and mathematics for underserved students, and increased reduced maternal and neonatal mortality for mothers and babies that lack access to high quality care.

We are the global impact marketplace of world changers committed to delivering real, verified results to the world’s greatest problems for the common good. Talk to us about how we can help your organization measure, verify or fund impact that drives real results.


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